Dilek Cindoğlu

  • “Reflections of the Syrian Crisis on Turkey”, TUBİTAK, co-investigator, 2015-2017
  • “New Capital and Conservatism: Anatolian Tigers from the Perspective of Everyday Life Sociology”, TUBİTAK principle investigator, 2014-2016
  • “Young, Professional Veiled Pious Women in Changing Turkey”, TESEV principle investigator, 2010
  • “Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe: An Interdisciplinary Perspective”, principle investigator, 2007-2010
  • Collaborative Research Grant Partner, Coordinator, EU 7th Framework Program, SSH-2007- 3, 3-01,
  • Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program, “Direct Access to the Muslim World” Award, Miami University at Ohio, 2006
  • St. Anthony's College, Senior Scholar Award, Oxford, AUB and Oxford Program on Sexuality in the Middle East, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, 2001
  • Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Wisconsin Madison Women's Studies Research Center Honorary Fellow Women's Studies Program, USA, 1998


Derya Büyüktanır

  • August 2014-August 2015, USA: Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University (TUBITAK)
  • September 2010-February 2011, Czech Republic: Research at Charles University in Prague- (European Commission)
  • June 2005, England: Research at Oxford, Cambridge and Sussex Universities (Center of Excellence Project-European Commission)